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Voice Intelligence



Voice Intelligence is not PCI compliant or a HIPAA Eligible Service and should not be used in Voice Intelligence workflows that are subject to HIPAA or PCI.

Voice Intelligence makes the conversations that you are having with your customers actionable by using machine learning to turn the content of Voice conversations into structured information that can drive business processes. Customers are using Voice Intelligence today to enrich customer profiles, optimize lead generation campaigns, address compliance issues, and assess agent performance across every one of their calls.

Voice Intelligence currently exposes the following products:

  • Transcriptions — An API that provides high-quality, low-cost transcriptions for dual-channel recordings created with Twilio products like Programmable Voice and Flex, as well as dual-channel recordings from third-party PBXes and contact center products.
  • Language Operators — A platform for creating and using LIT operators that turn text conversations into structured information. Right now there are a number of Pre-built Operators ready for you to use .

Apps for Voice Intelligence

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We offer a number of pre-built web apps that can be easily incorporated into your web UI to present and work with transcriptions.

Learn more about API resources

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To create and work with transcripts you'll use the following API resources:

  • Service — Instantiate the backend you'll use to transcribe conversations.
  • Transcript — Create transcripts from recordings stored on Twilio or elsewhere.
  • Transcript Sentences - Get the Sentences of a transcript
  • Transcript Media - Get the original or redacted media urls
  • OperatorResults - Get the Language Operator results of a transcript

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