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Proxy Beta

Create secure conversations with the Proxy API.

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Conversations happen naturally. Secure them programmatically.

The Proxy API connects two parties together, allowing them to communicate and keep personal information private.

Save money using intelligent number pooling

Don’t buy phone numbers you won’t need. Proxy API automates phone number allocation, recycling phone numbers to power multiple concurrent conversations.

Phone number pooling

Manage sessions and gather insights from conversations

Proxy can power thousands of conversations from just one phone number while preserving distinct conversation threads, allowing you to sort and learn from any interaction.

Session management

Get to market faster using an API industry leaders rely on

Proxy API handles complex conversation management logic, utilizing industry‑proven best practices while saving you months of development time building a solution yourself.

Session management

Proxy features

Proxy lets you build a solution that matches the unique needs of your business with out‑of‑the‑box functionality and the flexibility to control granular features of your app.

Phone number management

  • Geomatching
  • Sticky Sender
  • Intelligent Concurrency

Session management

  • Content moderation
  • Control session lifetime
  • Conversation management
  • Set business hours

Phone number capabilities

  • Omnichannel messaging
  • PSTN and VoIP calling
  • International phone numbers
  • Short Codes
  • MMS


  • Message logs
  • Call logs

Ways to use Proxy

Conversations can happen anywhere. Proxy helps you protect them everywhere.

Streamlining on‑demand communications
The on‑demand industry is full of moving parts, whether you’re hailing a ride or receiving a package. Proxy pairs parties together so they can start time‑sensitive conversations instantly.
Efficient workforce management
Proxy integrates with your workforce scheduling systems allowing you to create unique sessions for groups of workers or specific shifts.
Creating lasting customer relationships on your platform
Proxy protects your users’ information while ensuring they’ll stick to your platform. Pair sessions to your platform to guarantee user compliance with your terms and conditions.

Proxy API for masked phone numbers

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# A session is an instance of two people communicating
session = ProxyService.sessions.create(
    ttl=3600  # This session should last 1 hour

# Add our first participant
participant_a = session.participants.create(

# Add our second participant
participant_b = session.participants.create(

# That’s it! Our proxied conversation, complete with masked phone numbers, has been created.
# Each participant will now have a Twilio Proxy number assigned.

Plans & Pricing

Proxy provides a number of cost effective usage options. Pick from pay‑as‑you‑go or choose a plan that's right for you.


Included active sessions

First 50 for free

Overage costs

$0.10 per additional active session


$0 / month


Included active sessions
($0.08 / active session)
Overage costs

$0.10 per additional active session


$400 / month


Included active sessions
($0.07 / active session)
Overage costs

$0.10 per additional active session


$700 / month


Included active sessions
($0.06 / active session)
Overage costs

$0.10 per additional active session


$1,500 / month

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