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Building security that lets you REST easy.

Daniel Palacio

Daniel Palacio was familiar with cyber security to say the least. He studied it in college, and joined Microsoft’s security team shortly after graduation. Daniel worked on Microsoft’s Software Development Lifecycle helping developers bring their software from idea to product in the most secure and efficient way possible.

Making security smarter.

In the spring of 2011, a few headlines caught Daniel’s eye. A wave of security breaches made national news. Emails were hacked, financial information was compromised, and photos were stolen. The problem was passwords. Usernames and passwords only add a thin layer of security to the user’s sensitive data, which can easily be compromised by keyloggers and hackers fishing for passwords.

Daniel wanted to add an extra security measure to customers’ accounts that would protect their sensitive information, even if their password was compromised. He saw Two Factor Authentication as the answer, requiring the user to verify their password as well as a unique code generated on their phone or security token. This is where Authy began.

Security that speaks HTTP

Authy provides an easy way to add Two Factor Authentication to your app or website. Companies simply connect to Authy’s API and Authy authenticates customers with a secure token or unique code via Twilio SMS whether they are logging in from a regular website or any mobile app. Since Daniel founded the company in 2011, Authy continues to grow rapidly, expanding their user base while expanding into new countries. They’re currently working on rolling out their plans for Enterprise level Two Factor Authentication.

Make your website safer

Learn how you can add Two Factor Authentication to your app or website in 30 seconds here.