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WhatsApp Channel: The Twilio API for WhatsApp

The Twilio API for WhatsApp allows you to send and receive messages to WhatsApp users using the same Twilio Messaging API you know and enjoy. Dive into the Twilio SDKs and helper libraries, see our quickstart and API reference docs, read through FAQs and Best Practices, and find all the sample code you'll need.

Not a developer? See our Whatsapp Channel product page for the Messaging API.

Get Started with The Twilio API for WhatsApp

We suggest starting with the WhatsApp quickstart in your language of choice below.


Our Twilio API for WhatsApp Quickstart shows you a common WhatsApp integration using 6 popular web languages as well as cURL. If you're looking for the fastest way to test the ins and outs of working with WhatsApp in Twilio, try the quickstart in your language of choice:

Also, see our API Reference and overview for setup hints and help navigating the console.

Can't decide? Head to the WhatsApp Quickstart overview for your guide to the guides!


The quickest way to add WhatsApp integration to your web app with the Twilio API is using one of our Helper Libraries. We have helper libraries to assist you with common web languages – get from 0 to 200 OK in the minimum of time.

Build WhatsApp into Your App

If you're going to build out a serious Whatsapp integration with the Twilio API for WhatsApp, you'll want to go deeper than the quickstart. We've gathered the detailed API reference, frequently asked questions, and tutorials delving into more complicated usage of the API.


Tutorials with sample code showing how to do common tasks with the Twilio API for WhatsApp.

Not sure exactly what you want to build? We have explicit instructions for common tasks on the Tutorials page.

API Reference

The API Reference for the Twilio API for WhatsApp contains detailed lists – and explanations – for every WhatsApp parameter and feature of Twilio's API.

FAQ and Best Practices for WhatsApp

Got questions about WhatsApp or the integration with Twilio? You aren't alone – see the most commonly asked questions we field as well as a peppering of our best practices for your own Twilio API for WhatsApp integration.

Build a Whatsapp chatbot

With Autopilot, you can build AI-powered chatbots that recognize user's intent, ask questions to collect data, and answer frequently (or infrequently) asked questions

Autopilot uses natural language understanding (NLU) to detect what users are saying and matches it to Tasks. Tasks can be programmed to collect data, answer questions or connect calls to other users. They are trained to recognize different phrases or ways users might express the a given Task.

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