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Twilio short codes enable your app to send messages at a rate of 1,800 per minute. This high-throughput is perfect for apps that need to send time-sensitive or bulk messages.

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Navigating the carrier approval process is complicated and challenging. That’s why we’re here. Twilio makes an elaborate process simple, helping you reach your customers faster allowing you to focus on what matters.


Mobile messaging that converts.

Conversion rates from mobile messaging are over twice as high as traditional email, making short codes the most effective communications tool to broadcast your messages.

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Scalable, powerful API

Use the same Twilio SMS API to build and implement your short code app. Start developing and testing your app with a Twilio long code phone number today. Implement your app once your short code is approved by carriers.


Get the best solution for your business

Make your communications scale.


Short Codes

One-to-many communications
Large volume messaging

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Send and receive picture messages
Reserve your brand with a specially requested short code
Send messages at a base rate of
30 messages per second
One, national number that isn't tied
to an area code

Phone Numbers

Group messaging
Personal communications

Assign a unique 10-digit phone number to each user or business
Send and receive messages
between users at a max rate of
1 message per second
Use for local and
personal purposes
Prohibited by carriers for
high volume messaging

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Reach more customers in more places.

Twilio Short Codes are available in the United States*, United Kingdom, and Canada. We're actively working on expanding our reach to more countries. * Currently, picture messaging is available on US short codes only.

Innovative organizations powered by twilio

Intuit secures identities

Intuit uses Twilio Messaging to provide an additional layer of security to protect customers' online transactions. Over one million businesses receive a Twilio-powered verification code before processing payrolls, thereby protecting customer data and ensuring privacy.

Airbnb connects travelers

Airbnb uses Twilio Messaging to send notifications to customers when they receive a message or a reservation request has been accepted.

Philadelphia PD protects citizens

The Philadelphia Police Department uses Twilio to enable residents to send crime tips via messages. Since its launch in April, the people of Philadelphia have made communicating with Twilio Messaging the fastest growing avenue for reporting crime tips.


Uber uses Twilio to provide text updates on the location of your cab, and anonymous phone communication between the driver and the customer.

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