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Twilio Proxy is Now Available in Beta

Proxy is now in Beta

  • Create conversations between customers and your mobile workers without revealing personal phone numbers.
  • Proxy API handles phone number management, session control, and bridging between calls and texts so you don’t have to.  
  • Now available in beta.
  • Get started with Twilio Proxy today.

Remember the days before ridesharing apps? If you needed to go to the airport, you would call a taxicab company and speak with a dispatch agent. Today, there’s no need to call a dispatcher to order a cab, then call again to get ETA updates, or give directions—all of this communication is done using the app. What a concept! Now that we’ve experienced this luxury, it’s hard to go back to life before it. 

However, this experience wasn’t built overnight. Companies had to figure out ways to solve a few challenges. For example:

  • How do you make a phone call between two individuals programmatically?
  • How do you make a connection between two individuals without sharing their private phone numbers?
  • How do you break the connection once the ride is complete?
  • How do you recycle and manage a pool of phone numbers?

Ride-sharing companies have invested non-trivial R&D hours and dollars to solve these challenges using custom code. In fact, every on-demand services business needs to solve the same exact challenge.

So, we thought, “Why isn’t that an API?”

We built the Proxy API, so you can create the masked phone number experience that often takes months or years to build with just a few lines of code.

In the last few months, a few select users have put Proxy to use. Here’s what Clément Sauvage, CTO at Les Tontons Livreurs had to say:

“We reduced our code for managing masked phone numbers logic from 2000 lines to 200 using Proxy.”

Whether you are building a food delivery app, or a listing service for home rentals or just a cool website to find new DJ gigs, Proxy handles connecting your user’s anonymously.

Head over to Twilio Console and get started today!

What you can do with Proxy

With Proxy, in just a few lines of code, companies instantly gain the ability to bridge communications across different channels, hide personal information, control the length of time for two people to be connected, and moderate the content being shared on their platforms even though the two participants are using their own devices. Here’s how:

  1. Phone Number Management: Save development time by eliminating the need to write complicated phone number management logic. Let Proxy handle how numbers get allocated to conversations.

Without ProxyPhone Number Management without Proxy


With Proxy
Phone Number Management with Proxy

  1. Intelligent Concurrency: Save costs by minimizing the volume of phone numbers needed. With Proxy, you can use the same phone number for more than one session. In the ride-sharing example, you would use the same phone number for concurrent rides. The API ensures that there are no collisions or merging of conversations due to the reuse of numbers.Intelligent Concurrency
  2. Conversation Management: Now you can control the length of time two individuals can communicate, tie a session to your operational systems, and maintain a full record of a completed session, without having to write the logic to handle it.
  3. Content Moderation: Monitor the content of text conversations between two individuals by configuring rules for filtering and redacting messages. Prevent profanity or sharing of sensitive information like phone numbers and credit cards.

Can’t wait to get started?

Read the API documentation and head over to your Twilio Console to start using it.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

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