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Legacy Regions

Public Legacy Regions

Region ID Location Replaced by Edge Location
au1 Australia sydney
br1 Brazil sao-paulo
ie1 Ireland dublin
de1 Frankfurt frankfurt
jp1 Japan tokyo
sg1 Singapore singapore
us1 US East Coast (Virginia) ashburn
us2 US West Coast (Oregon) umatilla
gll Use Twilio's Global Low Latency routing to select the data center with the lowest-latency connection to your user. roaming

Private Interconnect Regions

If you have access to private Interconnect connections, you will also be able to use one of the following values

Region ID Location
us1-ix US East Coast (Virginia) over Interconnect exchange in Virginia
us2-ix US West Coast (Oregon) over Interconnect exchange in San Jose
ie1-ix Ireland over Interconnect exchange in London
de1-ix Frankfurt over Interconnect exchange in Frankfurt
sg1-ix** Singapore over Interconnect exchange in Singapore
jp1-ix** Tokyo over Interconnect exchange in Tokyo
au1-ix** Sydney over Interconnect exchange in Sydney

** Requires Voice JavaScript SDK 1.9.5+

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