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Edge Locations

Edge locations allow customers to control their connectivity into and out of Twilio's platform; this includes routing over the public Internet and through private connections with Twilio's Interconnect(link takes you to an external page).

Visit the Using the Twilio REST API in a non-US Region docs page to learn how to use Edge Locations with Twilio's Helper Libraries.

What Twilio products support Edge Locations?

what-twilio-products-support-edge-locations page anchor
Programmable SMSAPI
Programmable VoiceAPI, Sending SIP & Receiving SIP
Programmable Voice SDKMobile SDK & JavaScript SDK
Elastic SIP TrunkingAPI & Trunking
HTTP Callback (Webhooks)HTTP Callbacks (Webhooks)
ConversationsAPI (Excluding Media REST API)

Edge IDLocation
ashburnUS East Coast (Virginia)
umatillaUS West Coast (Oregon)
roamingUse Twilio's Global Low Latency routing to select the data center with the lowest-latency connection to your user.


roaming Edge ID is not available for SIP Domains and Elastic SIP Trunking



Looking for Legacy Region IDs like us1, br1?

If you have access to private Interconnect connections(link takes you to an external page), you will also be able to use one of the following values

Edge IDLocation
ashburn-ixUS East Coast (Virginia) over Interconnect exchange in Virginia
san-jose-ixUS West Coast (Oregon) over Interconnect exchange in San Jose
london-ixIreland over Interconnect exchange in London
frankfurt-ixFrankfurt over Interconnect exchange in Frankfurt
singapore-ixSingapore over Interconnect exchange in Singapore
tokyo-ixTokyo over Interconnect exchange in Tokyo
sydney-ixSydney over Interconnect exchange in Sydney

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