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Job Resource

The Job resource allows you to view and delete the requests for exports of arbitrary date ranges, submitted through the ExportCustom Job

Job properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
string Not PII

The type of communication – Messages, Calls

string Not PII

The friendly name specified when creating the job

object Not PII

This is a list of the completed, pending, or errored dates within the export time range, with one entry for each status with more than one day in that status

string Not PII

The start time for the export specified when creating the job

string Not PII

The end time for the export specified when creating the job

sid<JS> Not PII

The job_sid returned when the export was created

string Not PII

The optional webhook url called on completion

string Not PII

This is the method used to call the webhook

string Not PII

The optional email to send the completion notification to

url Not PII

Fetch a Job resource

Parameters in REST API format
get sid<JS> Not PII

There are 4 possible status values for a Job. You may get different status values for each day, across the range of days you requested in the job. For instance, if you have requested 100 days, and request the status, 10 may be submitted, 20 in running, 30 in completed, and 40 in completedemptyrecords.

  • Submitted
    • The Job has been successfully submitted and is in the queue to execute. Typically, executions should take less than one day.
  • Running
    • The job is currently running. The output should be available shortly. Multiple Jobs may run at the same time.
  • Completed
    • The Job is completed, and the result files are available at the Days endpoint.
  • CompletedEmptyRecords
    • The Job has completed, however, no records for the requested resource have been found. An empty file will be available at the Day endpoint.
  • Failed
    • The Job was attempted, but an error prevented completion. This is a final status, and the job has already been tried multiple times before this status.
Example 1

        Delete a Job resource

        Parameters in REST API format
        delete sid<JS> Not PII

        The unique string that that we created to identify the Bulk Export job

        Example 1
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