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Retrieve Call Logs with C#

In this guide we’ll cover how to retrieve information about in progress and completed calls from your Twilio account.

The code snippets in this guide are written using modern C# language features and require the .NET Framework version 4.5 or higher. They also make use of the Twilio C# SDK.

The first thing we'll need to get started is our Twilio account credentials.

Retrieve your Twilio account credentials

First, you'll need to get your Twilio account credentials. They consist of your AccountSid and your Auth Token. They can be found on the home page of the console.

Retrieve Your Twilio Credentials

With our account credentials in hand, we can then retrieve our call logs using the Twilio C# library.

Retrieving call logs

You can use Twilio’s REST API to retrieve logs about the phone calls to and from your Twilio account. If you just want to check a couple logs, however, you should try looking at the voice logs in your Twilio console first.

To list all phone calls for your Twilio account, just call "ListCalls()".


        Please note that the list returned to you when fetching all calls includes paging information. If you plan to request more records than will fit on a single page, you can use the provided nextpageuri rather than incrementing through pages by page number.

        You can also filter the results. This example only returns phone calls to the phone number "+15558675309" which had a call status of "busy" but you can filter on other call properties as well.


              Finally, if you just want to retrieve information about a specific call you can get that CallSid directly.


                    Where to next?

                    We learned how to retrieve Twilio call logs using C#. Check out our tutorials to see full implementations of Twilio Voice in C# with ASP.NET.

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