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Supports Unicode

Send text messages in any language. Use French (Français), Japanese (日本語), English (English), Arabic (العربية), or any other language your users speak, and we'll make sure the message gets there properly formatted. Yes, we even support emoji.☺


Message Queueing

Don't worry about sending messages too quickly. We'll queue up your message, if necessary, and make sure each gets sent. Twilio makes it easy for your application to operate at scale without you writing any extra code.


Concatenated Messaging

Twilio gives you a 1600 character limit per message. We’ll reassemble your messages over 160 characters into one single message on carriers and handsets that support it, or intelligently split your messages correctly.


Global Reach and Deliverability

Twilio delivers messages to over 1200 carriers in 198 countries around the world and monitors carriers in real-time to ensure your messages are delivered. Every SMS your app sends also provides status callbacks about message delivery, so you can build in real-time logic to take next steps if the message can't be delivered.

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Status Callbacks and Logs

We let your app know when your message is sent. Use message status to drive dashboards or dynamic application logic. We keep the messages records accessible via API so that your app can generate reports as you need.


Usage metering & API triggers

We store and index your Twilio usage data so you don't have to. Use our simple REST API to slice and dice usage data by any time interval, over any date-range, and from the most detailed metrics to aggregates. You can even create triggers to notify your application when it crosses usage thresholds.

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Voice Enabled Numbers

Receive messages and phone calls on the same number. Twilio phone numbers in the US, Canada, and the UK support both messaging and phone calls. Search our inventory for your dream phone number, buy it on the spot, and it's ready to start calling and texting.


Short Codes

When you need high-throughput messaging, buy a short code and send text and picture messages at rates up to 30 messages per second. Because your texts are coming from a single number, customers will instantly remember your brand.

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