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Twilio Notify, one API that orchestrates messages over SMS, push & chat apps.


Today, at SIGNAL we announced Twilio Notify, a single API that orchestrates messaging across multiple channels including SMS, push notifications, and Facebook Messenger. Notify is now available as a developer preview to a limited number of accounts. Learn more and request early access to be one of the first to use Notify.

Staying connected to your customers

Throughout the years, Twilio has seen the ins and outs of notifications across thousands of our customers. Over and over again we have seen the following pattern emerge…

The relationship begins when a person subscribes to SMS alerts. These could be transactional alerts, such as a password reset tokens when you get locked out of your Box account, or informational alerts, such as a marketing promotions with a sneak peak of the new Game of Thrones season.

At first, this works well. Businesses have a reliable channel to communicate and customers stay up-to-date on the info they care about more. Then the customer downloads the business’s mobile app and things start to get complex. The business now needs to decide how to manage notifications across multiple channels.

The most common strategy is to stop sending SMS alerts and start sending push notifications to the customer. But things don’t always go as planned.

There are many vectors for communications breakdown. The customer may enable, then disable push notifications. They may stop updating the app, or get a new phone and not re-download the app. An endless number of situations can arise in which the customer ceases to receive push notifications.

And now they are out of the loop.

Another strategy is the shotgun approach: blast notifications to the customer on all channels, all the time. Customers that want to stay connected with businesses usually don’t mind getting either SMS or push notifications. But when they get hit with both at the same time it’s a poor experience and unsubscribe rates begin to soar.

All of a sudden businesses notice that their contact list is shrinking. And customers, who want to stay connected with relevant, targeted alerts, are left in the dark,

Notify was makes it easy to orchestrate notifications across multiple channels. With Notify you can simply send an API request to, “notify Sue.” Twilio takes care of knowing if she should receive SMS or push, and sends her a message on the right channel based on smart orchestrations.

Increasingly Complex Messaging Landscape

In addition to SMS and push notifications in your app, customers increasingly want to receive notifications in the apps they are already using. Customers are looking to do business inside of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, and SnapChat. The list of new messaging apps keeps growing every day…

In addition to SMS and push, Notify adds capabilities for messaging apps so you don’t need to keep track of every new integration on the planet. Simply use Twilio and we’ll integrate with the most important apps. Initially we’re supporting Facebook Messenger and will integrate with others over time.

With Twilio you can focus on who you want to notify instead of how to reach them.

Notify Features

Notify is specifically designed as a use-case notifications API. We built features for developers to make it easy to notify the right person, on the right device.

  • Smart Orchestrations

Twilio Notify automatically enables notifications based on user preference, group membership, the channel or device last used, where a user is currently active, and delivery success history.

  • Multi-channel Messaging

Send notifications through a wide variety of channels including global SMS, Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger – all in a single API call

  • User Segmentation

Tag users and send group notifications with a single API call. Each user can be assigned multiple tags so notifications can be sent based on office location, preferred channel, business team, device type, or other customized classifications.


Notify is available today as a developer preview. Twilio is granting preview access to the API for a limited number of accounts. Be sure to share your use case and timeline. We often receive more requests for access than we can grant and we use this information to grant access first to the use cases that are best fit.

To learn more and request early access, visit

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