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Notify Limits

We are no longer allowing customers to onboard to Notify. We intend to deprecate the Notify product on April 25, 2024. Learn more in our Notify API End of Life Notice. We prepared this Transition Guide to assist in supporting your push notification use cases.

Notify limits depend on each particular use case. In both Passthrough and Notify modes, customers have a default limit of 100 notifications per second per service instance. These limits aim to protect the system by reducing the likelihood of misuse by accidental code or bad actors.

This limit can be raised up to 1,000 notifications/sec per service instance, which is 3.6M notifications per hour. Please contact Twilio Support to raise this limit.

Passthrough mode

You can send bulk notifications using different binding types via the Passthrough mode by providing addresses directly in your request. Please be aware that Passthrough mode is limited by the Push provider (iOs and Android) capacity.

Your request can include up to 10,000 addresses, provided the total size does not exceed 1 MB. You have the option to send multiple requests.

Notify mode

Notify provides complex logic based on tags and identities, therefore its throughput depends on the way a customer uses these features. Your request can include up to 1,000 notifications per second.

There is no binding count limit for a notification service.

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