Twilio Notify

Twilio Notify makes it easy to notify your users the way they want to be notified. It allows you to build great notification experiences across multiple channels. SMS, iOS and Android push notifications and Facebook Messenger (in beta) is available now with more channels on the way.

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If your users are available on multiple channels, you need to select and combine channels intelligently to achieve the best experience. Therefore Notify comes with built-in orchestrations. Fan-out orchestration is available today, it allows you to send a notification to all channels of a User. More orchestrations, like retry and fallback, last active device and more are coming later.


Often you need to notify a group or segment of your users. Twilio Notify allows you to do that with a single API request. You can group your users into segments and combine those segments to select the exact group you want to target. Today you can provide multiple segments to notify the users who have all of them. In other words you are selecting the intersection of the segments defined by your segments. A union operator is in the works as well.

Public Beta Limitations

Twilio Notify is available in public beta and hence accessible to all Twilio accounts. During public beta Notify is excluded from the Twilio SLA according to section Some features are not yet implemented, and others may change before the product is generally available.

Getting Help

Since this is an early release product, we are anxious to hear your feedback and help you with any trouble you may encounter. For technical support or to send feedback, we would love for you to join our

Google group

and let us know how things are going.

Notifications Features Available Now

  • Send APNs push notifications to iOS devices
  • Send FCM / GCM push notifications to Android devices
  • Send SMS Notifications
  • Send Facebook Messenger notifications
  • Notify user segments
  • Notify intersection of segments
  • Orchestrate multi-channel notifications
  • Notify all devices of a user
  • Notify a subset of devices of a user based on tags
  • Customize notifications for each channel

Coming soon

  • Notification status callbacks
  • iOS and Android SDKs
  • Additional Orchestrations (e.g. automatic fallback until delivered, notify on last active device)

Need some help?

We all do sometimes; code is hard. Get help now from our support team, or lean on the wisdom of the crowd browsing the Twilio tag on Stack Overflow.