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AI Nutrition Facts for Agent Copilot (Public Beta)


Public Beta

Agent Copilot is currently available as a Public Beta product and the information contained in this document is subject to change. This means that some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Public Beta products are not covered by a SLA.


Not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI Compliant

Agent Copilot is not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI compliant and should not be used in Flex workflows that are subject to HIPAA or PCI.


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Agent Copilot uses third-party machine learning technologies. The AI Nutrition Facts for Agent Copilot apply to both the Public Beta and Private Beta offerings.

Twilio's AI Nutrition Facts(link takes you to an external page) provide an overview of the AI feature you're using, so you can better understand how the AI is working with your data. Agent Copilot's AI qualities are outlined in the following Nutrition Facts label. For more information and the glossary regarding the AI Nutrition Facts Label, please refer to Twilio's AI Nutrition Facts page(link takes you to an external page).

AI Nutrition Facts

Agent Copilot

Agent Copilot provides customer highlights and assists the agent during wrap-up by providing a summary of the interaction, customer sentiment, disposition codes, and language detection. Agent Copilot supports both voice and messaging channels.
Privacy Ladder Level
Feature is Optional
Model Type
Base Model
OpenAI - GPT-3.5, Google Vertex, Google Speech-to-Text API

Trust Ingredients

Base Model Trained with Customer Data

For summarization (incl. voice transcription), sentiment, disposition codes, customer highlights, and language detection, Agent Copilot only uses the default Base Model provided by the Model Vendors. The Base Models are not trained using Customer Data.

Customer Data is Shared with Model Vendor

Customer Data is shared with the Model Vendors only to generate an Output. Customer Data is not sent to the Model Vendors to train the Base Model.

Training Data Anonymized
Data Deletion
Human in the Loop

By default, a human is in the loop. However, Customers can configure the features to be fully autonomous.

Data Retention
30 days


Logging & Auditing
Input/Output Consistency
Other Resources

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