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Agent Copilot for administrators (Public Beta)


Public Beta

Agent Copilot is currently available as a Public Beta product and the information contained in this document is subject to change. This means that some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Public Beta products are not covered by a SLA.


Not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI Compliant

Agent Copilot is not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI compliant and should not be used in Flex workflows that are subject to HIPAA or PCI.


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Agent Copilot uses generative AI to assist agents during and after customer conversations.

With Agent Copilot in Flex, you can:

  • Help agents better understand their customers.
  • Use structured customer data to benefit your contact center.
  • Simplify and expedite the agent wrap-up process.

Agent Copilot provides two auto-generation services:

  • Customer highlights : Using data from Unified Profiles, this service provides agents with contextual information as they interact with customers. In Flex UI, agents see a one-paragraph customer profile summary that includes details like past purchases and relevant customer details.
  • Wrap-up notes : This service speeds up the wrap-up process. As soon as a task ends, auto-generated notes are created, with a conversation summary, detected customer sentiment, and an assigned disposition code.
Agent Copilot auto-generation services.

As an admin, you can:

  • Select which queues use Agent Copilot.
  • Allow agents to see and edit wrap-up notes in Flex UI.
  • Hide the sentiment field from agents in Flex UI.

Customer highlights

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  • These Flex Conversations channels:
    • SMS
    • WhatsApp
    • Webchat
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Google Business Messages
  • Voice (available in Private Beta)

English is supported.

To try out Agent Copilot, including Unified Profiles, request access from the CustomerAI(link takes you to an external page) page in Console. Agent Copilot is currently in beta. After you sign up, one of our team members will contact you by email.

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