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Archived Calls

The Archived Calls resource allows you delete calls that have been archived for retrieval from Bulk Export. Note that deletion from Bulk Export does not also delete from the Calls resource.

For resources less than 13 months old, deleting calls via the Calls API will also result in them being deleted under the Bulk Export API. Resources older than 13 months can only be deleted via BulkExport API.

Archived Call Resource Properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
date<iso8601> Not PII

The date

sid<CA> Not PII

The call sid

url Not PII

The absolute URL of the resource.

Delete an Archived Call


NOTE: Archived call deletions are asychronous and performed in batches. You may continue to see a deleted call returned in results for up to one week.

Parameters in REST API format
delete date<iso8601> Not PII

The date of the Call in UTC.

delete sid<CA> Not PII

The Twilio-provided Call SID that uniquely identifies the Call resource to delete

Example 1
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        Delete a call from Archives

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