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Notify Use Cases

Reach customers the way they want to be reached.

Order confirmations

Send order confirmations for deliveries using SMS or push notifications.

Lead alerts

Notify sales agents via SMS or push when a lead comes in, so they can engage with the customer right away.

Subscription-based notifications

Let volunteers and supporters sign up for upcoming events, and notify them according to their preferences.

Incident alerts

Notify on-call engineers on their preferred channel when an incident occurs. Use many different channels to make sure everyone gets the message in time.

Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows by sending confirmation messages from CRM and reservation systems.

Dispatch notifications

Make sure employees out in the field always have up-to-date information. Send dispatch notifications via push notifications or SMS.

Why Twilio

Build on Twilio. Code with Confidence.

Best-in-class channel APIs to keep the conversation going across all channels

Global reach and unrivaled scale that supports over

8 million developers

Powerful serverless tools and fully-programmable solutions that deploy in minutes

Enterprise-grade security and reliability, powering over 190,000 respected brands