Twilio Flex Pricing

Get started with a free trial of Flex. Then choose from our transparent, flexible pricing models to align with your team’s usage.

Free trial

Try Flex for free with 5,000 free active user hours.

Get started


with a free trial

Per-hour pricing

Pay for what you use, so you can scale up or down to keep up with seasonal traffic or part-time agents.

Starting at


per active user hour

Per-user pricing

Pay per named user (agent, supervisor, or administrator) per month for predictable spend, regardless of volume or activity.

Starting at


per named user




Empower agents with a real-time view of customer data and artificial intelligence to simplify tasks.

Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles


Per minute pricing
Communication over Voice

Per message pricing
Communication over digital channels

Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles*

Agent Copilot: Analyze topics, share customer intent, provide auto-generated summaries, and disposition codes.

Unified Profiles: Curate contextual customer data from multiple enterprise systems, web/app interactions, and communications.

$0.045 per minute

$0.01 per message

*Public Beta prices are subject to change and additional Professional Services may be required for deployment.

Flex Mobile


Existing Flex users
Per user/month pricing

Flex Mobile license
Per user/month pricing

Flex Mobile*

Extend your Twilio Flex Contact Center with an iOS and Android application. Flex Mobile licenses can be purchased separately for mobile only use cases.

No additional cost

per user/month

*Public Beta prices are subject to change.


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