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Advanced Team View Filters - End User Guide



This feature is in pilot and requires version 1.18 or greater of the Flex UI. You can enable team view filters on the pre-release features page(link takes you to an external page) within Flex Admin.

In a contact center, supervisors sometimes need to focus on a specific agent or a subset of agents. With Team View Filters, you can define filtering and search logic in order to view targeted, customized segments of your contact center workforce.

Team View Filters gives you the ability to:

  • Search for any agent by their full name or friendly name
  • Filter agents by their activity state
  • Add custom filters programmatically

Access Team View Filters

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  1. Click on the glasses icon, or the Supervisor Dashboard
  2. Click on the filter icon in the top right corner of the Supervisor dashboard


If more than 200 agents match a search criteria, you will see 200 matches along with a message that you've reached the search limit. Refine your search or filter criteria to narrow down your results.

Additionally, filters will be disabled if there is a search criteria specified. Clear search criteria to start filtering.

  1. Type in the agent's name (or part of their name) in the search box in the top left corner of the Supervisor dashboard
  2. Click search or hit Enter

Searching for an agent disables all previously applied filters and your search is performed on all the agents in your contact center.

Click Clear search result or remove your search criteria to perform an empty search. If you had any filters applied before searching, clearing the filters will restore those filters as well.

Out of the box, you can filter agents by their activity state such as idle, busy, or on break. You can create custom filters programmatically to filter on any agent property that is meaningful to you.

To filter by an activity state, choose one or several activity states and click Apply. For example, select "Idle" to view a list of all agents who are online but are not actively engaged with a task.

To clear your filters, click Reset.

Filters are disabled if you have a specified search criteria. Clear your search to start filtering.

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