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Magic Numbers for Lookup

Twilio provides you with a set of test credentials so you can exercise parts of the Lookup API without charging your account. You can find your credentials in the Auth Tokens page of your Console(link takes you to an external page).

You use these credentials in the same way as your live credentials. However, when you authenticate with your test credentials, we will not charge your account, update the state of your account, or connect to real phone numbers.

Lookup Packages compatible with Magic Numbers

lookup-packages-compatible-with-magic-numbers page anchor

When you make an API request with your test credentials, Twilio will validate all inputs as though the request were made with your real credentials.

The full set of magic inputs/outputs are detailed in each subpage.

Requests to any other product with test credentials will receive a 403 Forbidden response.



These Magic Numbers are for testing purposes only and will only work for the Lookup packages . The information requested and returned are fake names, phone numbers, addresses, etc... just to illustrate how our packages work and what the responses would look like for different situations.

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