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Caller Name

Lookup's Caller Name allows you to get information on the caller name and type for a mobile phone number.

Caller Name Lookups are billed per Lookup, even if data is not available. Currently, requesting a Caller Name Lookup for international numbers will return null values, but will not be billed.

To make a Caller Name request, add caller_name to the optional query parameter Fields when making a standard Lookup request.

curl -X GET "{PhoneNumber}?Fields=caller_name" \ -u 

Coverage and Limitations: Data is sourced by CNAM and is only available for phone numbers owned by carriers in the US.

Release Stage and Access: General access (GA), available via self-service.

Response properties

The following additional properties are returned for a Caller Name request.

Property Description
CallerName A string indicating the name of the owner of the phone number. If not available, this will be null.
CallerType A string indicating whether this caller is a business or consumer. Possible values are BUSINESS and CONSUMER. If not available, this will be null.
ErrorCode The error code, if any, associated with your request.
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        Caller name with consumer type (paid)

        Caller Name Lookup

        Caller name with consumer type (paid)
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