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Reassigned Number

Reassigned Number package allows you to check if the same user who previously owned a phone number is still the owner. Confirming this prior to contacting the person will provide safe harbor against TCPA violation fees resulting from contacting someone who has not given you consent to message them (you may still need to prove you were initially given consent).

Coverage and Limitations: This product is only available when querying US phone numbers. If you are interested in this product for other regions please alert your Twilio Account Manager, this will help our product and engineering teams prioritize future supply additions to this feature.

Release Stage and Access: Public Beta. To request access, submit this form.

To make a Reassigned Number request, add reassigned_number to the optional query parameter Fields when making a standard Lookup request and include the mandatory parameter LastVerifiedDate in the format YYYYMMDD.

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        Reassigned Number Lookup

        Response properties

        The following additional properties are returned for a SMS Pumping Risk request.

        Property Description
        is_number_reassigned An object that states whether or not a phone number has been reassigned to a new user since the provided LastVerifiedDate.
        ErrorCode The error code, if any, associated with your request.

        Possible values for is_number_reassigned

        The following are the possible values for the is_number_reassigned parameter.

        Property Description
        yes This phone number has been reassigned to a new user and you should not message this number.
        no this phone number still belongs to the same person and is safe to message, this response provides safe harbor from TCPA violations for messages sent to this number within 24 hours.
        no_data_available This means that we do not have disconnect data for this phone number, and generally means that your LastVerifiedDate is prior to January of 2021. We suggest validating consent to contact.

        Suggested implementation logic

        Standard implementation of this package would be to query the Reassigned Number package prior to sending any marketing materials, or high risk transactions (such as financial transactions, password reset instructions, etc.) to a phone number. If you discover that the phone number no longer belongs to the person you are trying to contact, cancel the message and use another contact method to confirm the users phone number prior to sending the information.


        The Reassigned Number feature follows a tiered pricing model where the more queries you make in a month, the less expensive each subsequent query becomes. This resets at the beginning of each billing cycle and scales using the following volumes:

        Queries Price
        0-1,000 $0.02
        1,000-10,000 $0.014
        10,000-50,000 $0.0125
        50,000-200,000 $0.0085
        200,000-500,000 $0.0075
        500,000-2,000,000 $0.003
        2,000,000-6,000,000 $0.0025
        6,000,000+ $0.0015
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