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Line Status



Release Stage and Access

Lookup's Line Status is in Pilot. To request access, submit this form(link takes you to an external page). The Pilot phase is a tightly controlled release. Participants should prepare for possible service instability, API changes, or defects. It is not recommended that mission-critical applications depend on the availability of the service. However, all data is queried from live and accurate sources. Information is returned as-is from mobile network operators' HLR and thus we do not provide any assurance on its accuracy.

Coverage and Limitations

It is generally supported worldwide, but may not return data from every network. Please conduct tests to confirm coverage for your desired country and network.

Lookup's Line Status package allows you to get the status information of a mobile phone number.

To make a Line Status request, add line_status to the optional query parameter Fields when making a standard Lookup request.

curl -X GET "{PhoneNumber}?Fields=line_status" \ -u

Response properties

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The following additional properties are returned for a Line Status request.

StatusThe status of the requested mobile phone number. See Status property values for more information.
ErrorCodeThe error code, if any, associated with your request.

Status property values

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The following are the possible values for the Status property.

ActiveIndicates that the number is valid and active (but not necessarily reachable) on the mobile network.
ReachableIndicates that the number is valid and the target handset is currently connected to the mobile network and reachable.
UnreachableIndicates that the number is valid and active on the mobile network, but the target handset is currently switched off or out of network reach.
InactiveIndicates that the number is not currently assigned to any subscriber on the mobile network or is invalid.
UnknownIndicates that the status could not be determined and the status is unknown. This can be caused by lack of connectivity to the target network operator or other exceptions and errors.

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