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Line Type Intelligence

Lookup's Line Type Intelligence package allows you to get the line type of a phone number including mobile, landline, fixed VoIP, non-fixed VoIP, toll-free, and more.

To make a Line Type Intelligence request, add line_type_intelligence to the optional query parameter Fields when making a standard Lookup request.

curl -X GET "{PhoneNumber}?Fields=line_type_intelligence" \ -u 

Coverage and Limitations: Worldwide support. Canada requires special approval, please read this support article to learn more. Querying a Canada phone number without access will return a 60601 error.

Release Stage and Access: Public Beta, available via self-service.

Response properties

The following additional properties are returned for a Line Type Intelligence request.

Name Description
MobileCountryCode The three digit mobile country code of the carrier, used with the mobile network code to identify a mobile network operator.
MobileNetworkCode The two-three digit mobile network code of the carrier, used with the mobile country code to identify a mobile network operator (only returned for mobile numbers).
CarrierName The name of the carrier; subject to change.
Type The phone number type. See Type property values for more information.
ErrorCode The error code, if any, associated with your request.

Type property values

Carrier data is not available for phone number types: personal, tollFree, premium, sharedCost, uan, voicemail, pager, or unknown. In these cases MobileCountryCode, MobileNetworkCode, and CarrierName values will be null.

The following are the possible values for the Type property.

Type Description
landline The phone number is a landline number; generally not capable of receiving SMS messages.
mobile The phone number is a mobile number; generally capable of receiving SMS messages.
fixedVoip A virtual phone number associated with a physical device (e.g., Comcast or Vonage).
nonFixedVoip A virtual phone number that can be obtained on the internet without the need for a physical device (e.g., Google Voice or Enflick).
personal A phone number designated for personal use.
tollFree A toll-free phone number, which is one where calls are free for the calling party.
premium A premium rate phone number, which typically charges higher than normal rates for special services.
sharedCost A shared cost phone number, which is one where the charge is partially paid by the calling party and charges higher than normal rates.
uan A universal access number, which is a national number which can route incoming calls to different destinations.
voicemail A phone number associated with a voicemail service.
pager A phone number associated with a pager device.
unknown A valid phone number, but the line type could not be determined.
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        Valid nonFixedVoip phone number (paid)

        Line Type Intelligence Lookup

        Valid nonFixedVoip phone number (paid)
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