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Twilio SIP Trunking Scale and Limits

Make sure you're aware of the following Twilio SIP Trunking limits.


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Accounts have a maximum of:

  • 100 unique SIP trunks
  • 1 Trunking termination call per second (CPS) (You can increase up to 15 CPS in console) *
  • Unlimited trunking origination calls per second (CPS) *
  • Unlimited concurrent calls *
  • Unlimited origination phone numbers
  • IP Access Control Lists (ACLs) limits
  • Credential Lists limits

* Dependent on carrier support. New accounts without an approved Business Profile will have limited concurrent calls and cannot self-serve CPS updates in Console. About Business Profiles(link takes you to an external page).

Any of these limits may be increased if required, please contact sales(link takes you to an external page).

Your Termination calls to the PSTN must use verified caller IDs. Learn more here.

When you sign up for Twilio, you will get a free telephone number and a free trunk. You can fully configure this SIP Trunk for testing and placing actual calls to and from your business. Twilio Trial accounts can take full advantage of SIP Trunking services for testing, there are a few restrictions that apply only to trial accounts. Keep these in mind as you develop:

Trial Accounts have a maximum of:

  • 1 unique SIP trunk
  • 1 origination phone number
  • 1 Trunking termination call per second (CPS)
  • 4 concurrent calls

Note: Trial accounts may only place Trunking calls TO and FROM verified numbers. Be sure to verify any non-Twilio phone number first by having Twilio place a verification call to it. This is an extra security measure that we remove once you're calling from an upgraded account. A purchased Twilio phone number also qualifies as a verified number you can use as the caller ID.

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