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Trust Hub

Twilio Know Your Customer (KYC)

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Twilio is launching a new KYC platform that will enable Twilio to attach a trust level to customers, allowing them to gain access to advanced communication services.

With our advanced vetting process with industry-leading accuracy rates, Twilio promises to authorize customers within 24 hours of submitting their profile.

Customers who have been vetted by Twilio will enjoy a high level of trust, enabling them to access Trust Products, including SHAKEN/STIR attestation, A2P messaging, etc.

Additionally, Twilio propagates this customer trust to our downstream partners, such as carriers and email service providers, enabling them in turn to fully trust Twilio customer traffic.

TrustHub enables customers to create an identity with Twilio which can be used to unlock multiple Twilio communication services, such as SHAKEN/STIR and Branded Calls.

What is a Business Profile?

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For Twilio to truly understand its customers and how they use our platform, we require information from customers about their business. We ask our customers to provide us with their business information, including business name, a real HQ address, an authorized representative, their Business Identification Numbers, etc. This information is gathered in a Business Profile.

A Business Profile goes through multiple stages in its lifecycle. A Business Profile's current stage is indicated by its status, which will be one of the following values:

  • Draft
  • In Review
  • Twilio Approved
  • Twilio Rejected

Profile vetting

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After a Business Profile has been submitted, it is vetted by our expert operations team. This process can take up to 24 hours. The team will confirm the supplied business information and then approve or reject the submission. We will notify you via email about the outcome of the vetting process and the status of the Business Profile.

During the vetting process, Twilio may reach out to the authorized representatives included in your Business Profiles to confirm your business identity.

Why Business Profiles may be rejected

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A Business Profile submission will be rejected in certain circumstances. For example, we may not be able to validate some of the information included in the Profile. If this occurs with your submission, please be reassured that you can reach out to our support team for further assistance at any time.


Note for ISVs (independent software vendors) with customers utilizing BOTH 10-digit local long codes for Messaging in the US and Programmable Voice & SIP Trunking

  • Your customers sending greater than 3,000 messages daily require Secondary Business Profiles, Secondary U.S. A2P 10DLC Brands , and SHAKEN/STIR profiles .
  • Your customers sending less than 3,000 messages daily may not need to follow the same A2P 10DLC registration requirements. However, for SHAKEN/STIR, you still need to create Secondary Business Profiles and SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product to receive A attestation, providing a trust indicator like Caller Verified.
    • If you do not register these customers as Secondary Business Profiles but have an approved Primary Business Profile & SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product, these customers' calls will continue; however, they will receive B attestation which has a higher likelihood of being filtered or mislabeled as spam.
    • If outbound calling is a primary use case for these customers, we recommend creating a secondary profile for the customers.

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