SHAKEN/STIR trusted calling

Combat unlawful robocalls with call authentication

We’re committed to fighting back against unwanted robocalls and increasing call answer rates with SHAKEN/STIR.

UI showing how you can enable SHAKEN/STIR  trusted calling by registering your business in the Twilio Trust Hub.

What is SHAKEN/STIR and why does it matter?

UI showcasing caller verification on incoming call.

Increase call answer rates for trusted callers.

SHAKEN/STIR is a protocol mandated by the FCC to combat the rise in unwanted robocalls and unlawful caller ID spoofing. When adopted, carriers can present a trust indicator, like “Caller Verified,” to recipients’ phones.

Stop telephone hijacking with near-instant traceback.

Fraudsters that illegally spoof caller IDs won’t be trusted in the SHAKEN/STIR ecosystem. If a caller abuses SHAKEN/STIR, they will be held accountable with near-instant traceback by regulatory groups and law enforcement.

Improve the reputation of your calls

The SHAKEN/STIR attestation given to calls is an important input to call analytic companies that service providers use to determine if a call should ring the handset as “Caller Verified” or “Potential Spam,” go straight to voicemail or get blocked.


Increase trust and transparency in phone calls

UI bubble of an unwanted robocall.

Join the fight against unwanted robocalls

  • SHAKEN/STIR protocol

    Twilio has started signing voice calls with SHAKEN/STIR protocol

  • Trust indicators

    Calls with the highest SHAKEN/STIR attestation can present a trust indicator, like “Caller Verified”

  • Early access

    Sign up for early access to Twilio’s SHAKEN/STIR solution that’s easy to enable—and free

Restore the value of voice

  • Call authentication

    Customers can see that your call has been authenticated with a check mark or “Caller Verified” trust indicator

  • Reputation scores

    You can improve the reputation score of your phone calls and give customers a reason to start picking up the phone again

  • Trust Hub

    Get verified on all your channels, including voice, with Trust Hub

Illustrated call verification symbol.
UI notification showcasing a warning from an unknown incoming robocall.

Partnering with a leader in trusted communication

  • Twilio is on the board of directors and co-chairs the Robocalling and Communication ID Spoofing group for the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)

  • ATIS, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and the SIP Forum (Session Initiation Protocol) partnered to author the SHAKEN/STIR specifications

  • We’re committed to eradicating illegal spoofing and illegal robocalling so you can reach your customers


Let’s build the future of communications together

Twilio is a leader in many committees that are committed to restoring trust between businesses and consumers: USTelecomIndustry Traceback GroupState Attorneys General Anti-Robocall Coalition, and North American Numbering Council.