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Call Events Resource

Get Call Events

The call events resource provides programmatic access to call progress and SDK events for a provided call SID. Call events are generated by call progress events and Voice SDK events. Events are typically available via the API within 90 seconds.


        Get Call events

        Request Parameters

        Parameter options
        Edge carrier_edge, client_edge, sdk_edge, sip_edge
        PageSize Default 50

        If no Edge parameter is provided, the results will depend on the call type:

        Call Type Default Edge Additional Edge
        Carrier carrier_edge N/A
        SIP sip_edge N/A
        Client sdk_edge client_edge
        Trunking Originating carrier_edge sip_edge
        Trunking Terminating sip_edge carrier_edge

        See Understanding Twilio Media Edges for more information.


              Get Call events for specific edge

              Resource Properties

              Call events are represented by the following properties:

              Property Description
              account_sid The account SID this call belongs to
              call_sid Call SID for the call the events are associated with
              carrier_edge Represents the connection between Twilio and our immediate carrier partners. The events here describe the call lifecycle as reported by Twilio's carrier media gateways.
              client_edge Represents the Twilio media gateway for Client calls. The events here describe the call lifecycle as reported by Twilio's Voice SDK media gateways.
              edge The edge reporting the event
              group Event group
              level Detail level
              name Event name
              sdk_edge Represents the Voice SDK running locally in the browser or in the Android/iOS application. The events here are emitted by the Voice SDK in response to certain call progress events, network changes, or call quality conditions.
              sip_edge Represents the Twilio media gateway for SIP interface and SIP trunking calls. The events here describe the call lifecycle as reported by Twilio's public media gateways.
              timestamp Event time

              NOTE: Voice Insights for mobile SDKs is supported for versions 3.x and later. Calls placed using 2.x mobile SDKs are not supported and details are provided as-is and may not be reliable indicators of actual behavior on the handset.

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