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WhatsApp Tech Provider Program



Twilio's support for the WhatsApp Tech Provider Program is currently in a Private Beta.


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Twilio, in partnership with Meta, has introduced the "Tech Provider Program" to simplify WhatsApp onboarding for Independent Software Vendors ("ISVs"). This program allows ISVs to:

  • Provide self-serve WhatsApp onboarding for their customers through a "Login with Facebook" button within their UI using WhatsApp Embedded Signup
  • Manage their customers' WhatsApp Business Accounts to provide higher level of support
  • Register WhatsApp numbers programmatically with Twilio's Senders API

Who is this for?

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If you are registering for WhatsApp on behalf of your customers, and/or if you plan to resell WhatsApp, then you are considered an Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

Meta requires all new ISVs to follow the Tech Provider Program.



If you are an existing ISV using WhatsApp with Twilio, Twilio is currently working with Meta on a process to transition your account to the WhatsApp Tech Provider Program. Twilio will email you with details on how to complete this transition in the coming months.

Onboarding Flow for ISV End Clients

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By completing the Tech Provider Program, your End Clients will onboard their business to WhatsApp using WhatsApp Embedded Signup. In fact, WhatsApp Embedded Signup is used within the Twilio Console to power WhatsApp Self Sign-up for Twilio customers onboarding their own brand.

Here's how the flow will work for ISV End Clients:

  1. End Client will click the "Login with Facebook" button on the ISV's UI and the Embedded Signup popup window will launch.
  2. In the popup window, they will follow Meta's flow to create or select a Meta Business Manager, create a WhatsApp Business Account ("WABA"), and verify a phone number.
  3. When the popup window is closed, the number is automatically registered behind the scenes by the ISV and can be used within the ISV's product.

Please note that all existing Meta phone number limits(link takes you to an external page) apply.

ISV Onboarding Process Overview

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To launch with the Tech Provider Program, there are 3 steps involved:

  • Technical integration : You will need to create a Meta App, accept Twilio's Partner Solution request within your Meta Developer portal, and integrate the "Embedded Signup" feature into your UI, to let your customers click to "Login with Facebook" and onboard from your UI.
  • One-time ISV approval with Meta: Submit your Meta App for approval. This includes completing a data handling questionnaire and a demo of your app with Embedded Signup integrated (prototype is acceptable).
  • Onboarding your customers with Twilio's Senders API : Each time a customer completes the Embedded Signup flow, you will receive a callback. Use this to register the number using Twilio's Senders API. Both Twilio and non-Twilio numbers are supported.


We estimate the time to complete the integration and launch is 3-8 weeks. Please plan accordingly.

1. Complete WhatsApp Self Sign-up for your company

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We strongly recommend completing WhatsApp onboarding for your company using the Self-Signup process in your Twilio account before onboarding your customers to WhatsApp. This ensures you are familiar with the WhatsApp basics. This will also make sure that you have a Meta Business Account for your business, which is required for later steps.

2. Fill out the WhatsApp Tech Provider Request Access form

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Let the Twilio WhatsApp onboarding team know that your company is planning to participate in the Tech Provider Program by filling out the request access form(link takes you to an external page).



After filling out the form, you do not need to wait before continuing to the next step.

3. Complete Meta Business Verification

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Before a company can participate in the Tech Provider Program, Meta requires all businesses to be verified by successfully completing Business Verification.

  1. Go to Business Manager Settings > Security Center(link takes you to an external page) and click "Start Verification". If it states that your business is not eligible for Verification, then complete WhatsApp Self Signup for your company first.
  2. You will need to provide business documents to verify your company's name, email, address and/or phone number.

Learn more and view Meta's documentation on Business Verification and accepted documents(link takes you to an external page).



Meta's processing time for business verification varies per region and can take up to 2-4 weeks.

4. Request access to the full Private Beta documentation

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Twilio's WhatsApp onboarding team will be in contact with you once you submit the request access form. You will need to provide proof that you have completed Meta Business Verification.

Once you have been accepted into the Private Beta, Twilio's WhatsApp onboarding team will share additional documentation regarding how to complete the ISV Onboarding process in the Tech Provider program and begin registering your End Clients' phone numbers on WhatsApp using the Twilio Senders API.

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