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Twilio Functions is a serverless environment that empowers developers to quickly create production-grade, event-driven Twilio applications that scale with their businesses.

Key features

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Functions overview diagram.

Twilio Functions replaces your need to find hosting or stand up a server to serve TwiML or any other HTTP-based responses. With Functions, you no longer have to worry about maintaining or scaling your web infrastructure—it's all managed seamlessly by Twilio, scaling with your use case.

Typical use cases include manipulating voice calls, serving up tokens for our mobile SDKs, or invoking the Twilio REST API in response to an event, such as an inbound SMS.

Get started with Serverless and Twilio Functions

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The Twilio Functions and Assets Editor brings together Functions, Assets, Dependencies, Environment Variables, and Debugging in the same window. You can upload and create Assets. You can access all your Functions to edit them in multiple tabs simultaneously.

Functions Console UI.

We have put together code examples that you can use to get your application development started with Twilio Functions and Assets.

Learn the basics for handling SMS, MMS, and phone calls

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Learn how to leverage APIs

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Learn how headers and cookies can add extra functionality and security

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Learn how to integrate Functions with Twilio Studio

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Learn other common use cases

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Now that you've been introduced to what Functions can do, it's important to also have an understanding of how this all works, particularly the way that requests are sent to your Function.

If you'd rather skip that and get straight to the nuts and bolts of all the values and tools at your disposal from within a Function, we understand.

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