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Send multiple SMS

You can use Functions to send multiple simultaneous SMS messages.

// Description
// Send multiple SMS

exports.handler = function (context, event, callback) {
  // Make sure under Functions Settings tab:
  // "Add my Twilio Credentials (ACCOUNT_SID) and (AUTH_TOKEN) to ENV" is CHECKED

  const twilioClient = context.getTwilioClient();

  let groupMembers = [
      name: 'Person1',
      to: '+15105550100',
      body: 'Hello Alan',
      from: '+15095550100',
      name: 'Person2',
      to: '+15105550101',
      body: 'Hello Winston',
      from: '+15095550100',
      name: 'Person3',
      to: '+15105550102',
      body: 'Hello Deepa',
      from: '+15095550100',

  Promise.all( => {
      return twilioClient.messages.create(individual);
    .then((results) => {
      callback(null, 'success');
    .catch((err) => {
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