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Browser Compatibility

Javascript SDK Browser Compatibility

Most of Twilio's JavaScript Client SDK's functionality is compatible recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

As of Twilio Client 1.4, some cutting-edge features were added that make use of browser functionality that is implemented inconsistently between browsers themselves. For this reason, browsers may behave differently. The following is a support matrix listing compatibility with Chrome 56, Firefox 51, Edge 38 and Safari 11. Any feature not listed here is compatible with recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge:

  • All browsers require user media permissions (via getUserMedia) before they show labels
  • Firefox support is limited due to lack of support for multiple input devices
  • There is a currently a Safari bug preventing non-default input devices from being selected.‘inputVolume’)
  • Firefox will never receive this event because is not supported
  • Safari will only receive this event for default device because is not fully functional (See above)
Input device auto fallback
  • Firefox does not currently provide a method to detect when an active input device is lost.
  • All browsers require user media permissions (via getUserMedia) before they show labels
  • Firefox and Safari do not provide any output devices
  • Edge provides output devices, but does not label them.
  • Only Chrome supports HTMLAudioElement.setSinkId()
  • Only Chrome supports HTMLAudioElement.setSinkId()
  • Warnings are currently only supported in Chrome.


Mobile browsers including Safari and Chrome on iOS and Chrome on Android are not supported by Twilio Client. Instead, we recommend the use of Twilio’s Programmable Voice SDKs to develop native Android and iOS apps.

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