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Voice SDK Error Codes

The majority of Programmable Voice error codes are five-digit integers starting at the 31000 range.

To get details on an error code, possible cause, and solutions, please visit the full Error and Warning Dictionary.



Note on JavaScript SDK Errors:

The JavaScript SDK, when applicable, will emit errors that contain a twilioError field.

This twilioError is the new TwilioError format that is now the default Error format in the new 2.0 version of the SDK. Please see the JavaScript SDK 2.0 Migration Guide for more information on this change.

Common Errors

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310xx Series: General Errors

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31000General Twilio Voice SDK error. More information may be available in the debugger. The twilioError field (JavaScript SDK only) may contain more information.
31001TwiML Application not found.
31002Connection declined. Check the debugger for more information on the actual cause.
31003Connection timeout.
31005WebSocket connection to Twilio's signaling servers were unexpectedly ended. If this is happening consistently, there may be an issue resolving the hostname provided. If a region is being specified in Device setup, ensure it's a valid region.
31009No transport available to send or receive messages.

311xx Series: Malformed Requests

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31100Generic malformed request.
31101Missing parameter array in request.
31102Authorization token missing in request.
31103Length of parameters cannot exceed MAX_PARAM_LENGTH.
31104Invalid bridge token.
31105Invalid client name/identity. Note, the client/device name/identity provided in the AccessToken may only contain alpha-numeric and underscore characters. Other characters, including spaces, will result in undefined behavior. The maximum number of characters for the identity is 256.

312xx Series: Authorization Errors

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31201Generic unknown error.
31202JWT signature validation failed.
31203No valid account.
31204Invalid JWT token.
31205JWT token expired.
31206Rate exceeded authorized limit.
31207JWT token expiration too long.
31208User denied access to microphone.

53xxx Series: Signaling Errors

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53405Media connection failed/Media activity ceased: The ICE connection failed
53000Signaling connection error: The websocket timed out in preflight

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