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Client Insights API Shutdown


Client Insights was a beta product offering launched in 2016 to provide call quality data for calls placed using Twilio's Client JavaScript SDK. As time went on we added additional call types including carrier, SIP, and mobile calls, and moved beyond providing endpoint metrics by exposing the events and metrics captured by Twilio's media infrastructure. The beta officially ended on August 5, 2019 with the launch of Voice Insights which supercedes and replaces Client Insights.

When Voice Insights general availability was announced Twilio sent an email titled "Introducing Voice Insights and Client Insights beta end-of-life" to the owner of any account with Client Insights usage in the previous 30 days. This email described the new product features and provided notice on the pending shutdown of the preview API endpoints.

Since the announcement we have continued to maintain the preview API endpoints that were provided as part of the Client Insights beta; however, these endpoints will be deprecated on May 1, 2020 and will cease to respond to requests.

Note that the preview API powers the Client Insights Dashboard which will be removed from Console on May 1, 2020.

What does this mean for me?

If your application is currently making requests to any of the preview API endpoints described below, you will need to migrate to the new API endpoint.

  • Client Call Summary
  • Client Events
  • Client Metrics
  • Client Reports

Migrating your application to the new API endpoints

  • Call summaries for all call types are now provided via the Summary API
  • Call events for all call types are now provided via the Events API
  • Call metrics for all call types are now provided via the Metrics API

Client Insights API Shutdown Timeline

We will continue to maintain the Preview API for Client call data until May 1, 2020. At that time we will cease responding to requests to any of the preview endpoints.

Can you help us get our application moved over to the new API?

Yes! We've created a migration guide to help with precisely that!

What about the Reports API?

We are working on a reporting solution to provide similar functionality to the preview Reports API, but there is no timeline we can offer at this time regarding its availability.

But... the new API lacks features we depended on from the old API!

We will continue to add features to the Voice Insights Events and Metrics API before the preview API is shut down. It is likely that there will always be some differences between the responses from the beta and the GA API; however, please feel free to reach out and let us know about missing details and what you're using them to accomplish so we can understand and prioritize.

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