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Frontline Salesforce Serverless Quickstart

By Twilio

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This is the perfect example project for anyone looking to set up Frontline with Twilio Serverless and Salesforce. The code should help you get off the ground quickly integrating Frontline into Salesforce.Β Β 

Here is a list of the features you will be implementing with this launchpad application:

  • πŸ“‡ Display a contact list in Frontline from a list of Salesforce Contacts based on the Salesforce Contact Owner matching the Frontline user’s identity
  • πŸ“‡ Display Salesforce contact details in Frontline
  • πŸ”€ Route inbound and outbound conversations in Frontline based on Salesforce contact record ownership
  • πŸ““ Define message templates required for WhatsApp conversations
  • πŸ” Okta SSO setup script for easy SSO integration

Step 1:

Step 2: You need an API key to get started

Get a free API key

Step 3: Set up the code sample locally



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