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User Channels Resource

The User Channels resource of Programmable Chat is a list only resource which will return the list of Channels the User is a Member of.

The underlying resource is the normal Channel resource of Chat.


Each channel instance returned in the list has the following properties:

Names in PHP format
sid<AC> Not PII

The unique id of the Account responsible for this channel.

sid<IS> Not PII

The unique id of the Service this channel belongs to.

sid<CH> Not PII

The unique id of a Channel.

sid<US> Not PII

The unique id of the User this Channel belongs to.

sid<MB> Not PII

The unique id of a Member representing the User on this Channel.

enum:channel_status Not PII

The status of the User (joined, invited or not_participating) on this Channel.

integer? Not PII

The index of the last read Message in this Channel for this User.

integer? Not PII

The count of unread Messages in this Channel for this User. Note that just retrieving messages on a client endpoint does not mean that messages are consumed/read, please consider reading about Consumption Horizon feature to find out how to mark messages as consumed.

uri_map Not PII

url Not PII

An absolute URL for this User Channel.

enum:notification_level Not PII

The notification level of the User (default or muted) for this Channel.

List All User Channels

GET /Services/{Instance SID}/Users/{User SID}/Channels

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