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Set up and configure Unified Profiles in Flex (Public Beta)


Public Beta

Unified Profiles in Flex is currently available as a limited Public Beta product and the information contained in this document is subject to change. This means that some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Public Beta products are not covered by a Twilio SLA.


Not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI Compliant

Unified Profiles in Flex is not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI compliant and should not be used in Flex or Segment workflows that are subject to HIPAA or PCI.


prerequisites page anchor
  • Paid Flex account (not a free trial account)
  • Flex UI 2.6.0 or higher
  • Your account has been accepted into the CustomerAI beta

The setup process includes the following steps:

  1. Set up your Twilio Segment workspace if you don't already have one. If you're already using Twilio Segment and are using Segment Unify(link takes you to an external page), you can connect Flex to an existing Segment Unify space. During setup, you will complete the following tasks in Segment:
  2. Confirm your customer identifier settings in Flex.
  3. Choose the traits that you want to use in Flex.
  4. Configure the agent experience with Unified Profiles data . You can configure which information is shown to agents and how it appears.
  5. Set up the Search for a Profile widget . This widget enables you to look up customer profiles in Twilio Segment by identifier attribute, such as phone number or email address.


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