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Search for a Profile (Public Beta)



Public Beta
The Search for a Profile Widget is currently available as a Public Beta product and the information contained in this document is subject to change. This means that some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Public Beta products are not covered by a Twilio SLA.



Not a HIPAA Eligible Service
Search for Profile Widget is not a HIPAA Eligible Service and should not be used in Flex or Segment workflows that are subject to HIPAA.

Studio uses Widgets to represent various parts of Twilio's functionality that can then be stitched together in your Studio Flow to build out robust applications that require no coding on your part.



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To use the Search for a Profile Widget, you must have access to Unified Profiles in Flex.

The Search for a Profile Widget enables you to look up customer profiles in Twilio Segment by identifier attribute, such as phone number or email address. If a profile is found, the Widget returns the profile SID and all of the data about that profile, including custom traits and computed traits. If no profile is found, the Widget creates a blank profile using the identifier attribute in Segment and returns the new profile SID.

With this Widget, you can use individual traits and real-time customer activity on web properties to provide a personalized self-service experience that reduces escalation to human agents:

  • Personalize virtual agent interactions with real-time customer data for deflection or contextual handoff to an agent
  • Use dynamic routing and IVR menus based on computed and predictive customer traits
Search for a Profile Widget.

Before you begin

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You must finish setting up Unified Profiles in Flex before you can configure and use the Search for a Profile Widget. During Unified Profiles setup, you configure the way that Segment data appears in Unified Profiles and Studio:

  • Identifiers : The “keys” that you will be able to search against. On this Unified Profiles tab, you can update display name mapping for any identifiers for which you want to use a different friendly name than its existing name in Segment. You can also ensure that identifiers are mapped to the correct address type (email address or phone number).
  • Traits : The list of attributes in Segment that you can use to search against. The attributes list that you configure on this Unified Profiles tab appears in the Identifier field in the Search for a Profile Widget.

Required configuration for Search for a Profile

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The Search for a Profile Widget requires the following information:

Widget nameThe name of this widget.search_for_profile_<number>
ConnectionThe name of the Segment connection to connect to.None
IdentifierThe type of attribute that will be used to search for a profile. For example, to search by the customer's phone number, select an attribute that represents a unique customer phone number in your customer data platform.None
Search valueEnter the liquid template variable for the attribute that you selected for Identifier.{{}}

Search for a Profile transitions

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Profile foundAn existing matching profile was found in Segment.
No profile foundThere was no profile match in Segment for this value, so the Widget created a new profile.
FailedThe profile search could not be completed.

Search for a Profile variables

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widget.<Search for a Profile Widget name>.additional_attributes.<attribute name>Use this variable format for any Segment traits that were not mapped during Segment connection setup.
widgets.<Search for a Profile Widget name>.<custom attribute name>Use this variable format for any Segment traits that were mapped during Segment connection setup.

Example: Personalized greeting

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This example shows how to use the Search for a Profile Widget to greet existing customers by name and use a default greeting for new customers.

In this example, the Search for a Profile Widget looks up callers by their phone number. Then, the Studio Flow branches based on whether a profile was found.

Search for a Profile Widget - Personalized greeting workflow.

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