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Schedule Flex Insights Dashboards with Email

Having Flex Insights dashboards in front of you is a great way to stay aligned and make data-driven decisions with your team. To make sure that you're keeping everyone in the loop, you can send regularly-updated dashboards via email. Every week (or every day) can start with having the right data when you need it.

Schedule dashboards by email

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Use scheduled emails to receive information from your contact center without logging in. All Insights users can schedule automatic emailing of a dashboard to themselves and others from the Analytics Portal(link takes you to an external page).

Flex Insights dashboards are delivered as a PDF attachment. Any filters and permissions applied at the time of scheduling are also applied to your generated emails. This means that email recipients receive the exact same version of the dashboard and its data that the email scheduler sees.

Email recipients can unsubscribe themselves from schedules via the unsubscribe link in the email.

Editors can review and delete these schedules under Manage > Emailing Dashboards.


  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to email. Optionally, add filters .
  2. Click the clock icon in the top right corner:
  1. Choose the dashboard tabs to email and the mailing schedule. Optionally, you can define a custom email subject and message or add additional recipients. You can send scheduled emails with dashboards to your teammates and colleagues (up to 10 users) even when they don't have a Flex account. This provides valuable insight into your customer service operations to anybody in your company.
Flex WFO Scheduled Reports.
  1. Click Schedule .
    The Analytics Portal will automatically generate emails as scheduled.

Share reports and dashboards with scheduled emails

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Set up automatic emailing of dashboards and reports to share a snapshot of project data as an email attachment.



The editor role is required to use this functionality.

You can only share this information with other members of your project.

You can attach multiple dashboards and reports to a single email. The filename of each attached report and dashboard contains a date- and timestamp so you know when it was generated.

The following options are available for the attachment format:

  • Dashboards can be shared only as PDF .
  • Reports can be shared as PDF , XLSX , CSV , or as an inline message .
    All reports must be sent in the same format.

Generated emails contain an 'unsubscribe' link in the footer. Users who unsubscribe from a scheduled email are listed in its configuration in the Analytics Portal.


  1. Log in to Flex, open Analytics Portal, and go to Manage Emailing Dashboards .
  2. Click Schedule New Email .
  3. Fill in the fields to configure the scheduled email, and click Save .
    The email is scheduled. The Analytics platform will send the emails as scheduled.

From the Emailing Dashboards tab, you can also:

  • View or modify the configuration of an existing scheduled email
  • Duplicate a scheduled email
  • Delete a scheduled email


When sending reports as XLSX, you can select the option to keep attribute cells merged or unmerged. You can also include active filters in the file. These options are similar to the export options and you can find more information in section XLSX in Export File Types(link takes you to an external page).

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