Flex Insights User Roles

User Provisioning and Role Assignment in Flex Insights via Okta

Teams can get even more self-service capabilities out of SSO Identity Providers (i.e. Okta) by leveraging them to provision user access to Flex Insights; adding these capabilities is as simple as defining Insights user roles for a given user.

Flex Insights cannot be accessed by users with agent role. In order to make Flex Insights icon visible either supervisor or admin role is required. You can learn more about the Flex Roles in the SSO Configuration docs.

Flex Insights roles only define the level of application permissions within Insights. You can combine Insights roles with other Flex user roles.

Users within the Twilio Console can access Flex Insights without SSO configuration.

The default Insights role for these users is wfo.full_access.

Here's an example of how a user role of wfo.team_leader can be assigned to a user with the Flex role of supervisor in Okta.

  • Navigate to Directory > Profile Editor > Your App Name > Attributes. Make sure you have the following attributes required for Flex Insights user provisioning email, full_name, and roles:


  • Navigate to Applications > Your App Name > General > SAML Settings > Attributes Statements. Ensure there is an attribute roles that inherits appuser.roles value:


  • In Okta, navigate to Applications > Select Your Application > Assignments > Assign > Assign to People > Select User > Insert user role in "Assign Applications" window:


Once a user is assigned their role in Okta, they should be able to access Insights via Flex.

Flex Login URL is, where 'your-app-1234' is your Runtime Domain.

Once a user has logged into Flex and accessed Flex Insights, this will also be reflected in Worker attributes in the Twilio Console (Task Router > Workspace > Worker > Properties > Worker Attributes).


In some cases, such as when managing big teams, it can be useful to define user group roles for Flex Insights:

WFO role in Group

Understanding Flex Insights Roles

User permissions are defined by their roles in Insights:


Analytical Dashboard Roles


Viewers can view default dashboards and reports and custom dashboards created by users with editing privileges. Viewer analytical role enables to consume existing insights without ability to create own content.

Viewers can do the following in the Flex UI or Analytics portal:

  • Navigate through dashboards and tabs
  • Export and print dashboards* and reports
  • View dashboards and all of their contents (reports, widgets, and embedded web content) through an external application
  • Hover over dashboard reports for additional information
  • Use predefined dashboard filters
  • Use predefined drill paths in dashboard reports
  • Drill-down from dashboards up to individual conversations
  • Create saved views*
  • Schedule emails with dashboard pdf exports*
  • Access KPI dashboards, and add alerts to KPIs


Explorers can do everything Viewers can with addition of insights capabilties using Analyze tab and KPI dashboards. Explorers can do the following in the Flex UI or Analytics portal:

  • Edit existing KPI dashboards*, and create new KPI dashboards
  • Access Analyze tab
  • Edit existing insights, and create new insights in Analyze tab


Editor is a role that is intended for data analysts that manage metrics and reports for other people in their company. Editors can do everything Viewers and Explorers can, plus the following:

  • Edit existing dashboards, and create new dashboards*
  • Edit existing reports, and create new reports*
  • View data model, data sets, and project elements (facts, attributes, metrics, variables)*
  • Edit project attributes (for example, add drill paths), edit project metrics, and create custom metrics by aggregating project facts*
  • Schedule sending of dashboards and reports for other users*

* In Analytics portal only.

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