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Flex Mobile (Public Beta)


Public Beta

Flex Mobile is currently available as a Public Beta product and the information contained in this document is subject to change. This means that some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Public Beta products are not covered by an SLA.


Not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI Compliant

Flex Mobile is not a HIPAA Eligible Service or PCI compliant and should not be used in Flex workflows that are subject to HIPAA or PCI.


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Flex Mobile is a pre-built app available for iOS and Android devices that brings the Flex experience to your phone or tablet. Using Flex Mobile, agents can stay in touch with customers while away from their desks. Use the mobile app in combination with the Flex Agent UI or as a standalone mobile app.

With Flex Mobile, you can:

  • Log in via single sign-on using your employee credentials.
  • Set your availability status.
  • Work with voice calls:
    • Accept an incoming call.
    • Mute, hold, or transfer an active call.
    • Make an outbound call.
  • Work with messages:
    • Accept an incoming message from Flex Conversations channels.
    • Send or receive messages with a photo or file attached.
    • Transfer a voice call or messaging conversation from one device to another.
  • Accept and complete a task.

What’s different?

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Although Flex Mobile aims to offer the same features as the Flex Agent UI, you may notice a few differences:

  • To provide the best mobile experience, some features behave a little differently when used on a phone or tablet.
  • New features don’t always become available for Flex Mobile and the Flex Agent UI at the same time. Currently, the following features are available in the Flex web UI but aren’t yet available in Flex Mobile:
    • Agent Copilot
    • Unified Profiles
    • Voice warm transfers
    • Email
  • Administrators may note that Flex Mobile is limited in front-end customization and doesn’t support Flex’s plugin architecture.

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