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Onboarding Guide

This onboarding guide walks you through the first steps of using Flex(link takes you to an external page), Twilio's flexible contact center platform: creating a Twilio Flex account, navigating the built-in Flex UI, and handling incoming phone calls and SMS messages. You will also start setting up your Flex contact center to route incoming calls to specific sets of Agents based on the caller's needs.

This is meant for administrators who would like to get started navigating and understanding Flex's feature set and for developers who want to understand Flex's core interfaces before building and customizing their Flex instance.

The guide covers the following:

The actions in this guide aim to help you understand the foundational concepts of Flex and identify next steps as you begin your journey toward building and using Flex for your business. When you complete this guide, you should have a functioning IVR system that can accept incoming phone calls and route them to one of two sets of workers in your Flex instance, depending on what the caller needs.

Get started by checking out the glossary or setting up your Twilio Flex account.

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