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A checklist for building with Twilio Flex

Building a contact center requires significant planning. This checklist is a starting point for project planning and getting your contact center operational.

Feel free to add, remove, and modify items from the list - we can't wait to see your Flex contact center!


The content on this page is here to be relatively easy to read - but the most up-to-date version (and, in our opinion, the most useful version) is the Airtable base version(link takes you to an external page) (pwd:lets-build-with-flex). You can download the Airtable base as a CSV to use in your own project management workflow.

View checklist(link takes you to an external page)

Environment/Networking Setup

  • Assess existing/anticipated equipment

    • Desktop/Virtual Desktop ( Note you may use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) however it is not officially supported by Twilio)
    • Agent headsets, and capability to connect to a supported endpoint
  • Run Twilio Network Test(link takes you to an external page) and record results
  • Wired vs wireless network? Do you need/handle network changes?
  • Do you need some form of Interconnect(link takes you to an external page) ?
  • Review Flex UI requirements
  • Determine whether your firewall supports DNS rules (for allowing Twilio traffic)



  • Document pain points and limitations in existing call routing strategy
  • Establish a routing style/routing rules (establish skills, activities, queue expressions, etc)
  • Learn about timeouts and confirm that they map to expected SLAs
  • Discuss potential race conditions for routing (If-Match and Etag headers?)


  • Learn about Studio(link takes you to an external page)
  • Determine whether you need custom flows, or if the existing Messaging and Voice flows adequately serve your needs
  • Outline IVR and consider any need for machine intelligence in your IVR (e.g., with DialogFlow)
  • Is there a need for professional voice talent for IVR recording?

User management



  • Determine CRM needs for your agents (if any).
  • Identify what level of integration between Flex/CRM is possible and desired. Do you want to embed the CRM in Flex as an iframe, or vice-versa ? Or perhaps create a custom plugin with a dedicated UI that leverages CRM functionality via API?


  • Outline what functionality needs to be added.
  • Establish a corresponding Plugin architecture based on Plugin limits
  • Are you using Twilio Flex plugins or self-hosted Flex UI?
  • Best practices for release management (dev/stage/prod)
    • Have plans for testing functionality locally
    • Establish separate Flex accounts for stage/prod


  • Assess current WFM/WFO solutions, if they exist
  • Determine how existing solutions will need to change and/or phase out with Flex implementation


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