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Glossary of Common Flex Terms

Twilio Flex offers all the features you need for a high performing contact center. However, our terminology may differ from other contact center products. Here is a brief guide to the key introductory concepts within Twilio Flex. You can also see how they correlate with terminology commonly used by other contact center products to describe components and features.

You can find more Flex terminology and definitions here.

Twilio TerminologyCommon Contact Center TerminologyDescription
TaskCall or ChatAn assigned inquiry from a customer that the agent is responsible for completing
TaskRouterAutomatic Call Distribution (ACD)Handles inbound calls and routes the call to an appropriate agent based on preset instructions
TaskQueueQueueA waiting line for customers who are in the process of receiving assistance from an agent
SkillsSkillsThe abilities an agent requires to address the needs of the customer, such as sales or support
WorkersAgentsThe specific people that will provide services to end customers
WorkflowCall RoutingThe set of rules that defines to which queue a call is routed by the ACD
ChannelChannelThe method of communication the customer has connected through such as phone call, text message, in-app chat, Whatsapp, or email

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Now that you are familiar with some of the core Flex terms, set up your Flex account and get started configuring your contact center.

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