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REST API: Auth Token

Twilio uses the Account SID and Auth Token to authenticate API requests. The Auth Token can be rotated in the Console or with this API. There are two related endpoints, one to create or delete the secondary Auth Token and this one to promote the secondary Auth Token.

Auth Token properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<AC> Not PII

The SID of the Account that the secondary Auth Token was created for.


The promoted Auth Token that must be used to authenticate future API requests.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date and time in UTC when the resource was created specified in ISO 8601 format.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date and time in GMT when the resource was last updated specified in ISO 8601 format.

url Not PII

The URI for this resource, relative to

Update an AuthTokenPromotion resource


This action will delete the current primary Auth Token, promote the secondary Auth Token to primary.

Example 1
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        Promote the Secondary Auth Token

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