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REST API: Authorized Connect Apps

The AuthorizedConnectApps list resource shows all of the Connect Apps that you have authorized for your account. Each Connect App corresponds to a subaccount within your Twilio account, which acts as that Connect App's sandbox. The instance resource shows you the permissions you have granted for a Connect App as well as information about the Connect App itself.

AuthorizedConnectApp Instance Resource

Resource URI


Resource Properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<AC> Not PII

The SID of the Account that created the AuthorizedConnectApp resource.

string Not PII

The company name set for the Connect App.

string Not PII

A detailed description of the Connect App.

string Not PII

The name of the Connect App.

url Not PII

The public URL for the Connect App.

sid<CN> Not PII

The SID that we assigned to the Connect App.

date_time<rfc2822> Not PII

The date and time in GMT that the resource was created specified in RFC 2822 format.

date_time<rfc2822> Not PII

The date and time in GMT that the resource was last updated specified in RFC 2822 format.

enum:permission[] Not PII

The set of permissions that you authorized for the Connect App. Can be: get-all or post-all.

uri Not PII

The URI of the resource, relative to


        Retrieve an Authorized Connect App

        HTTP POST

        Not supported.

        HTTP PUT

        Not supported.


        Not supported.

        AuthorizedConnectApps List Resource

        Resource URI


        HTTP GET

        Returns a list of Connect App resource representations, each representing a Connect App you've authorized to access your account. The list includes paging information.

        Example 1

              Retrieve all Authorized Connect Apps

              HTTP POST

              Not Supported.

              HTTP PUT

              Not Supported.

              HTTP DELETE

              Not Supported.

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