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Managed Accounts



The terms 'Accounts' and 'Projects' are used interchangeably. Admin Center and the Organizations API use the term Accounts, and the Console primarily uses Projects. Going forward, Twilio is standardizing on Accounts.

A Managed Account is an account that is owned and overseen by an Organization. The Organization has full control over its managed accounts' lifecycles and their settings.

The Twilio Organizations architecture.

The Organization encompasses multiple accounts and multiple users, who have access to some or all of those accounts.

How managed accounts can help you

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Managed accounts provide you with a way to bring all of the accounts created by your company's employees into one place. You can see precisely which accounts your Organization and its users are responsible for, who has access to them — whether they are company developers or outside contractors — and manage them centrally.

There are two ways to create a managed account:

  1. Create a new account in your Organization. By default, this will be a managed account.
  2. Import an existing account that was created outside of your Organization. Once imported, it becomes a managed account.

Organization Owners and Administrators have full control over the lifecycle of any account that is part of your Organization. For example, they can change the settings or close the account.

Owners and Administrators also can manage account settings, such as choosing which users have access to a given account, and requiring the use of two-factor authentication to sign into the account.

Managed accounts, whether created by the Organization or imported into it, still have an Owner — i.e., a user on the account with the Owner role. That user must be a managed user who is part of the same Organization as the account itself. Managed accounts cannot be owned by an independent user.



Custom account settings or configurations are not inherited on account creation. You may need to contact support(link takes you to an external page) to ensure that newly created managed accounts have the correct terms, invoicing, and specific features.

View a list of an Organization's managed accounts.

Managed accounts and independent accounts

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Your Organization's managed accounts belong to your Organization. An Independent account is an account that belongs to an Owner who is not a part of your Organization but has granted access to it to one or more of your Organization's managed users. Note that managed users cannot be the Owners of independent accounts.

To add an independent account to your Organization, you must invite the owner to share it, and they must accept your invitation. You can relinquish access to an independent account at any time.

Connecting to an independent account.

These are accounts that an Organization admin has explicitly added to your Organization, but for which the account owner has not yet confirmed the request. Whether they are managed or independent, they will be listed here until the import process is completed. See Add an existing account to learn how and when the added account's owner is contacted.

You can create a new account in your Organization by visiting the Admin Center's Accounts(link takes you to an external page) section.

  1. Log in to the Console(link takes you to an external page) and navigate to Admin Center > Accounts(link takes you to an external page) .
  2. Click the Create New Account button.
  3. In the Create New Account panel, give the account a name. If you're creating a Flex account, flip the switch — this activates some additional steps required for Flex accounts:

  4. Click the Create button.

After you create your new account, you'll be taken to its details page where you can review access and invite contributors under the Users tab.

You can add an existing account to your Organization from the Accounts(link takes you to an external page) section. The owner of the account you want to add must have signed up to Twilio through one of your Organization's verified domains. The account's owner will be emailed, and they will have to confirm the request before the account is added to your Organization.

You will also need the account's SID. A user with access to the account can get that for you from the Console.

  1. Log in to the Console(link takes you to an external page) and navigate to Admin Center > Accounts(link takes you to an external page) .
  2. Click the Add Existing Account button:

  3. Enter the account's SID.
  4. Click the Add Account button.

To add users to an account, click on the account in the Accounts(link takes you to an external page) section's list and then, on the account's details page, click on the Users tab. Here you'll see a list of users who already have access to the account, if any. You can add users to work on the account by clicking the Invite User button above the list.

You can view sub-groups of users by clicking on the Select account roles popup and clicking the Filter button. To learn more about each of these roles, please see the Managed Users page.

The Pending Users tab will take you to a list of users who have been invited to access the account but have not yet responded to the invitation. You can resend pending account invitations to users here.

Each account's General tab provides not only information about the account but allows you to update its settings and, if required, to close the account.

View and update an account's settings.
  • Note that Ownership can only be changed for a managed account in your organization. If you have an independent account, you will need to add that account as a managed account to your Organization.
  • Ownership can only be transferred to another managed user. If your desired user is not yet managed by your Organization, you will need to invite them to your Organization.

To change the owner, go to the Managed Accounts(link takes you to an external page) list page and click on the account you want to change. You will see the account details and in the General tab you will be able to change the owner by following the below steps:

  1. Remove the existing value of the Account Owner by clicking the X.

  2. Enter the email or User Sid of the new owner.
  3. Select the new owner.
  4. Click the Save button.

You can close an existing account in your Organization from the Accounts(link takes you to an external page) section.

  1. Log in to the Console(link takes you to an external page) and navigate to Admin Center > Accounts(link takes you to an external page) .
  2. Click on the name of the account you are managing.

  3. Click on the Close account option at the bottom of the page.

  4. Check Before closing this account, please acknowledge the following to acknowledge:

    • You will immediately lose access to this account and its subaccounts. API requests will also fail.
    • Recurring charges will stop and no new changes will be incurred.
    • Twilio will release phone numbers, shortcodes and other associated resources.
    • This account and all associated data will be scheduled for deletion.
  5. Click the Close Account button.

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