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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The Identity and Access Management section covers how to manage your accounts (projects), securely authenticate Twilio REST API requests, and best practices for accessing Twilio.

This section covers the following:

  • Basic introduction of how to get started with the Twilio REST API.
  • The Account and Project section offers guidance on how to pick the right account architecture.
  • API Keys are the best way to authenticate API requests.
  • Credentials allow for Public Keys management. Products like Public Key Client Validation and Voice Recordings Encryption rely on those Credentials.
  • Public Key Client Validation helps organizations in compliance-heavy industries meet strict security requirements, such as not relying on shared secrets, validating the sender, or verifying message content.
  • Single Sign-On mitigates compliance and security risks for organizations by giving businesses control over user authentication and user revocation via corporate mandated tools.
  • Twilio Connect allows you to obtain authorization to perform API functions on behalf of another Twilio account holder.

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