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TwilioAuth SDK Quickstart Tutorials

What is the TwilioAuth SDK

The TwilioAuth SDK is a native library for both Apple iOS and Google Android that allows you to implement push authentication and TOTP capabilities in your own mobile application.


Requirement Description
AUTHY_API_KEY This credential will give you access to our services Obtaining an Authy API Key
Your Server Interacts with Twilio obtaining an authy_id and a registration token. Why do I need a server?
[Optional] iOS/Android Push Notification Certs If you want to delegate the push notification delivery to Twilio, upload your Apple APNS certificate and the Google GCM ID

Authy API Key

Next Steps

The following tutorials will guide you implementing the SDK through a sample backend emulating your server

Running the Sample App with the sample backend

Integrating the SDK in your app with the sample backend

Now do it by yourself

Integrating the SDK with your own backend

Quick Reference


For a complete overview you can also read this guide: How the TwilioAuth SDK works If you find any inconveniences while following these guides please file us an issue

Android issues on

iOS issues on

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